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Illinois Independent Evaluators Registry INTRODUCTION

The Illinois Independent Evaluators Registry (IIER) fulfills the statutory requirement to provide a list of names of persons eligible to provide independent evaluations within the various disciplines throughout the State of Illinois (Ill., School Code 14-8,.02; 23 Administrative Code 226.830. Listings of persons included in the Registry have been prepared from application information obtained directly from each evaluator. Licensures and/or certifications of persons listed have been verified by project personnel prior to listing. Facility in languages other than English is self-reported as provided by registrants and not verified.

It is not the intent of the Registry to qualify, rank, or otherwise indicate the quality of service provided by individual persons. Registry verification of credentials merely indicates that the individual has met the appropriate state requirements for licensure/certification. Further verification of evaluators is the responsibility of the Registry user, relative to quality of service provided.

Further, the Illinois State Board of Education is not responsible for payment of fees for independent evaluations or for the determination of appropriate costs of evaluation. Appropriate fees are essentially determined by the current rates used within the local school district or joint agreement, current policies and procedures. Payment of fees is the responsibility of the party initiating the evaluation. Any changes in payment responsibility must be determined by legal procedures and are not the responsibility of Registry personnel. Section 14-8.02 of the School code details the appropriate procedures.

Questions should be directed to:
LaMetrice Lane
Principal Consultant
Illinois State Board of Education
Special Education Division
Phone (312) 814-5560
Toll Free (866) 262-6663
Fax (312) 814-2282

Registry personnel have made every attempt to ensure the completeness and/or accuracy of the information provided. In the event errors appear, project personnel will attempt to correct those errors in future editions. Users of the directory are encouraged to inform project personnel of any inaccuracies. Evaluators who would like to be included in the Registry should contact the address above.

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