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Welcome to I Learn

ILEARN helps you learn! The primary goal of education is to assist children in learning. ILEARN (Illinois Local Education Agency Retrieval Network) was created to provide information on how the business of education is conducted. By using ILEARN you can access information about a specific county, a certain school district, region or area within the state. ILEARN gives you one easy location to navigate rather than searching the web. With ILEARN you can compare your childís school district to a similar district or region of the state. You can gain an understanding of the mystifying world of school finance by entering a few simple keystrokes. ILEARNís purpose truly is to help you learn about the education system within Illinois as we work toward making Illinois education Second to None.

In Illinois, as in most other states, education is financed through a combination of state, local, and federal monies. The below chart depicts the support levels and the relative share for public elementary and secondary education.

revenues FY 2015


expenditures FY 2015